CSIRO Roadmap charts major role for storage through energy transition

March 29, 2023
CSIRO Roadmap charts major role for storage through energy transition

As a CSP technology manufacturer and a member of The Australian Solar Thermal Energy Association, Vast Solar is pleased to support the findings of CSIRO’s Energy Storage Roadmap, which outlines the significant role that concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) will play in supplying industrial heat and long-duration electricity storage.

Released today, the Roadmap makes it clear that CSP technologies – in which solar energy is captured and stored as heat – must play an important role in the grid and in industry’s efforts to decarbonise.

While the role of batteries for short-duration renewable power storage is well established, the Roadmap shows that CSP is much more cost-effective at providing medium to long-duration energy storage. This longer duration storage is what is required to continue the decarbonisation of power generation, but also to drive decarbonisation of manufacturing and green fuels production through the provision of dispatchable heat and power.

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