Ground-breaking demonstration projects

Vast's pilot projects demonstrated both the capability of CSP technology to deliver zero-emissions, dispatchable electricity to Australia's electricity grid, and the Vast team’s project development expertise.

1.1MW CSP demonstration project

Vast’s 1.1MW demonstration project in Forbes, New South Wales, proved the company’s technology and the scalability of its modular systems. Consisting of 3,500 heliostats configured into five modular tower arrays, the project connected to Australia’s electricity grid, generating clean, dispatchable electricity to power homes and businesses.


The project and its innovative use of CSP technology garnered international interest and received International Energy Agency’s SolarPACES 2019 Technical Innovation Award.

In the five years since this project was commissioned, we have continued to perfect our technology.

Past Projects

50MWAC Jemalong Solar Project

From 2018 to 2019, Vast developed the 50MW solar PV generation project at Jemalong.

Vast’s team carried out planning, development, permitting and grid connection work on the project. Prior to groundbreaking, the project was sold on a shovel-ready basis to Genex Power Ltd, an ASX-listed renewable energy company.

Jemalong solar farm optimised genex

Prototyping Projects

Heliostat Prototyping and Testing

2009 - 2010

Marulan 1

• First heliostat generations

• Exploratory manufacturing techniques

• Optical refinement

Marulan 2

• Next generations of heliostats

• Optimal heliostat layouts

• Field comms and operations

Modular Array Prototyping and Testing

2010 - 2011

Solar Receiver Prototyping and Testing

2011 - 2014

Back Station

• Water receivers

• Sodium receivers to unlock modularity

• Sodium operations