Decarbonising the world through low-cost, reliable, renewable and dispatchable electricity, power and heat

Vast's modular CSP v3.0 technology has been proven at its 1.1 MW, grid-synchronised demonstration project in Australia and will be used in a growing pipeline of zero-carbon power projects globally.

Vast's CSP v3.0 technology can also be used to cost-effectively produce green fuels such as green methanol, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and hydrogen.

The Challenge

As the world seeks to rapidly decarbonise and reduce the impact of climate change, two major challenges threaten to slow progress:

The intermittency of wind and solar pv generation and limitations of battery storage to provide backup power supply when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing.

Reducing the emissions of hard-to-abate industries, such as aviation and shipping.

Our Solution

CSP is the missing piece of the energy puzzle. It enables energy to be captured, stored and dispatched, at any time of day or night, providing baseload and dispatchable carbon free power and heat 24/7. CSP can also significantly improve the viability of emerging renewable fuel production, such as hydrogen, green methanol and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The IEA forecasts a potential CSP market size of more than 430 GW of new installations by 2050 in utility-scale power generation alone.

Our Technology Explained

Vast's System - The Next-Generation of CSP

Vast’s Difference

Vast’s CSP v3.0 technology has been developed and progressively de-risked over more than a decade, including via its grid-synchronised demonstration plant in Australia.

The technology utilises a scalable modular tower design in combination with an innovative and differentiated sodium loop technology for heat transfer, which increases system efficiency and lowers costs.