Reducing global emissions with world-leading CSP

Vast is in the process of developing our first utility-scale projects in Australia and our pipeline of projects around the world, delivering utility-scale, zero carbon dispatchable heat, power and green fuels.

VS1: Utility-Scale Reference Plant

Vast is developing VS1 in Port Augusta, South Australia, a 30MW / 288 MWh concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) plant. The Australian government announced it will support the project with up to A$110m in concessional financing, as well as up to A$65 million in a non-dilutive equity grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), with the project expected to reach financial close in the next twelve months. Groundbreaking is expected in 2024.


VS1 will use Vast’s modular tower CSP v3.0 technology and will be based at the Aurora Energy Project, 20km outside Port Augusta. VS1 will generate clean, low-cost, dispatchable power with 8+ hours thermal energy storage.

Current Projects

SM1: Solar Methanol Demonstration Plant

Vast is developing the SM1 project in Port Augusta, South Australia a world-first green methanol demonstration plant. The project will receive funding from the German-Australian Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Incubator (known as HyGATE) in the amount of AUD$19.4 million and EUR13.2 million.

Methanol is the most versatile hydrogen derivative which, if produced using clean energy, has the potential to decarbonise several hard-to-abate industries, including aviation and shipping. SM1 will produce up to 7,500 tonnes per annum of green methanol.


SM1 will be co-located with the 30MW VS1 project in Port Augusta. VS1 is Vast‘s first utility-scale concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) plant, generating zero-emissions electricity and heat, including to power the 10MW electrolyser in SM1 that will create green methanol.

VS2: Hybrid Commercial Plant

The 50MW VS2 will use Vast’s CSP v3.0 technology, combined with other generation and storage technology, to power the community and natural resources sector. Combined with solar PV for daytime generation and a large-scale battery and gas turbines for firming, the integrated hybrid generator will reliably deliver low-cost, dispatchable, clean energy 24/7.


The project will produce 75% clean energy and use significantly less fuel than current generators. Lower fuel costs and the plant’s 30-year operational life will result in significantly cheaper energy than alternate baseload generation options over the lifetime of the project.

VS1 Expansion

Vast is planning a 150MW CSP v3.0 plant that will be co-located with VS1 and SM1 in Port Augusta. The project will capitalise on the significant and growing local industry demand for dispatchable renewable storage, helping the region to decarbonise, and offering clean power via offtake agreements.


Vast has assembled a team of global CSP and energy experts who have been instrumental in the evolution of the technology.


Vast colleagues use their knowledge to advise corporates and governments on their decarbonisation strategies, and provide consulting and bespoke research to clients, including Mars and the CSIRO.

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Vast is co-developing a 140MW / 280MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) at the Aurora Energy Project in South Australia. The battery will have up to two hours of storage, and will be coupled with 70 MW solar PV array and 150 MW concentrated solar thermal plant, with the Aurora project sharing substation infrastructure with Vast’s VS1 and SM1 developments.